What's in the Oven?


Chocolate Chip *

Chocolate Chocolate Chip *

M & M *

Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chip *

Peanut Butter *

Pumpkin *

Red Velvet *

Salted Caramel *

Snickerdoodle *


Sugar Cookies *

(optional: with sprinkles or melted chocolate drizzle) 

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut *


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip *


Apple Cinnamon *

Apricot *

Chocolate Chip *

Cinnamon Chip *


Cranberry Orange *


Espresso Chip *



Lemon Poppyseed *

Raspberry White Chocolate Chip *

Savory *

(cheddar scallion, garlic asiago chive, three cheese,

and many other possibilities!) 



Blueberry *

Lemon *

Pumpkin *

Raspberry *

Strawberry *



Decadent Delights *

(a sinful combination of streusel, dark chocolate, and PB)


Granola Bars *

(a nutritious blend honey, PB, dried cranberries, oats, and dark chocolate)


Razzle Dazzles *

(delicious layers of streusel, raspberry, and white chocolate)


(a campfire treat of graham cracker, milk chocolate, and toasted marshmallow)


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake *

(UNFROSTED, but can be decorated with sprinkles, M&Ms, or melted chocolate drizzle)


Dark or semi-sweet chocolate ganache center

covered with a semi-sweet or white chocolate shell. 


Outer layer options are endless:

Raspberry or Cocoa Powder, Chocolate or Colored Sprinkles, Chopped Nuts or Peanuts,

Graham Cracker or Cookie Crumbs, Chocolate Drizzle, etc.


If you can dream it, I likely can create it!


Honey Oat Bread

  Plus:  Any item with this * symbol can be made Gluten Free!

Cookies, Muffins, Bars, and Truffles sold by the dozen; Breads by the loaf

$12 per dozen or loaf  plus tax

*Gluten Free items: add $2 per dozen or loaf

All goods are baked in a kitchen that also prepares foods with common allergens including nuts, peanuts, gluten, eggs, dairy, and soy.  Please alert me to any sensitivities and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

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Razzle Dazzles.jpeg